Charter No. 1058 - District 7120


Current Members

AGAN, Sarah - Consultant


ARGETSINGER, Philip - Historian

* BACALLES, Jim - Government

* BAKER, Holly - Public Relations

P*~ BEAVER, Stanley - Landscape

P*~ BELL, Kenneth - Floral Greenhouses

P*~ BENJAMIN, Michelle LaDue - Pub. Relations

* BLOWERS, Carl - Consulting

BOUGHTON, Bruce - Banking

BRIGGS, Steven - Salt Production

CARRIGAN, Dena - Banking

CARROLL, Rebekah - Chamber of Commerce

CASLIN, Keith - Emergency Services

P*~ CHEDZOY, James - Funeral Services

* CHERRY, Judy - Public Service

P*~ CLIFFORD, Thomas B. - Automotive

P*~ COLE, Charles - Pharmacy

CONFER, Linda - Banking

DECARO, Beth - Real Estate

P*~ FRABONI, Anthony – Banking

FRANZESE, Dominick - Real Estate

FRANZESE, John - Construction

P*~ GEPHART, Glenda - Journalism

P*~ GIFFORD, Thomas - Banking

P* GREENBERGER, Rich - Environmental

* GUILD, James - Retail

* HAEFFNER, Charles - Journalism

* HAGIN, Doug - Insurance

* HALL, Fred - Engineering

* HAYDEN, Matt - Law

HILLIARD, Dean - Public Service

P*~ HOWELL, James Jr. - Environmental


KENNEY, Brian - Construction

KEOUGH, Judy - Health Care

P*~ KING, John - Engineering

P*~ LEARN, Michael - Automotive

P*~ LOUGHLIN, Nancy - Education

P*~ McDIVITT, Stewart E. - Law

MacDONALD, Debra - Agency Director

MEAD, Gary - Audit Manager

MORRIS, Dennis - Law

P*~ MURPHY, Kevin - Building Materials

ORBIN, Terri - Accounting

PECKHAM, Emily - Health Care

PEET, Ted – Manufacturing

PERAZZINI, Louis - Lodging

P*~ PETERS, Nancy A. - Public Service

* PHILLIPS, Judy - Public Health

P*~ PHOENIX, Bill - Retail

P*~ PRESTON, James - Education

RAY, Michel - Banking

RONDINARO, Mark - Public Service

* RUDA, Nancy - Education

P*~ RYAN, David - Insurance

* SCHULTZ, Jeff W. - Dentistry

P*~ SIDLE, David L. - Insurance

*SOMERVILLE, James - Hospitality

SOMERVILLE, Kristine - Education

P*~ STEWART, Bridgette - Publishing

P*~ STOCUM, Donald - Postal Service

THAETE, Erin - Finance

P*~ WEIDEMANN, Tom - Performing Arts

WICKHAM, Lindsay - Agriculture

* WILLIAMS, Meredith - Chamber of Commerce

P*~ WILSON, Kenneth J. - Banking

WOODWORTH, Nancy - Education

P = Past President, * = Paul Harris Fellow



Looking for a way to do a Make-Up?

  • The Chemung Sunrise Rotary Club meets Wednesdays at 7 a.m., Courtyards at Bethany Village.
  • The Corning Rotary Club meets Thursdays at 12:15 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel, 125 Denison Parkway E., Corning.
  • The Dundee Rotary Club meets Wednesdays at noon at the church around the corner from the Youth Center in Dundee.
  • The Elmira Rotary Club meets Tuesdays at noon, Elmira Riverview Holiday Inn.
  • The Elmira Heights Rotary Club meets Thursdays at 6:30 p.m., Rounding Third Regale, 2447 Corning Road, Horseheads.
  • The Hammondsport Rotary Club meets on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. at the Park Inn Hotel, Pultney Square, Hammondsport.
  • The Horseheads Rotary Club meets Wednesdays at noon, Horseheads Holiday Inn.
  • Trumansburg Rotary Club meets on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the American Legion Post.
  • Make-ups may also be made on-line.


W-M Rotary Social Events

April 2016 at Welliver


March 2016 at the International Motor Racing Research Center

January 2016 at Visions

Meets Thursday 12:10 P.M.
Seneca Lodge
St. Rt. 419, Watkins Glen, NY